The concept of NEWS Educational Institutions is quality education at all spheres and preparation of a generation that's confident, courageous and capable of attaining success. True to its philosophy, a generation is gradually preparing through these portals of learning!
It is obvious that the success of all attempts to transform India into a modern and developed nation, socially, politically and economically will be determined by the quality of education imparted to its children of today.
The School is managed by single management
  • G. Anantha Reddy (20 years experience)
  • G.Padma (10 years experience)
     B.Sc, D.E.d
  • Y. Thirumal Reddy (6 years experience)
    MCA, (M.Sc)
SRK Spoken English having already trained thousands from all walks of life in communication skills since 1991, the SRK Spoken English has now become a household name. The NEO-English World School (NEWS) is just the SRK Spoken English Institute's dream has come true. Our SRK institution has completed many (175 batches upto 2008) batches in various places in Mahaboob nagar and Nalgonda district. Still in demand and standardized.
The management creates a good image among the parents and the student communities as it as always strives sincerely for maintaining the best education standards with complete stress on discipline and character of the child.
It is our sincere endeavour to send out from the school future citizens, who will be proud of our heritage and culture, who will be proud of our heritage and culture, who will grasp with confidence the technologies of the future, who will attain a well balanced personality and character and above all, will serve their country well.
                          M.A. (ENG)


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