A computer lab, also known as a computer suite or computer cluster (a term also used for server clusters) is typically a room which contains many networked computers for public use. Computer labs can be found in libraries, schools, government buildings, science labs, community centers, companies with IT departments that requires such a place for their employees to do their jobs, and research centers. Computers are the wave of the future. The very concept of education is changing for many kids, as they experience self directed learning, mostly out of the school, about things that interest them and they see how different this kind of learning is from the ‘push it on you’ and ‘ test you to death’ methods of formal schooling.
NEWS  students learn to use the computer at the earliest age and have weekly instruction and daily opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills. Right from Pre nursery onwards the children have hands on experience with computers. It fascinates kids and can draw their full attention, which often results in a deeper focus and concentration. Computers enable children to learn through creating, just as they gain hands on knowledge and understanding when they bild forts, make up stories and paint, increase their skills. As they master computers, children build positive attitudes toward technology that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives.
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