I am very happy to meet you through our school stands first in its approach to education and its pedagogies. The way we teach and the way our students learn are unique and creative.
Education is not an act of acauring knowledge but learning a skill to lead like and forming personality.
It is obvious that the success of all attempts to transform India into a modern and developed nation, socially, politically and economically will be determined by the quality of education imparted to its children of today.
Not only does quality become important but also the need to meet the technological challenges of the 21st century.
The process of education should enable children to experience the three dimensions of knowledge-Moral & Cultural, Scientific & Technical and Economic & Social.
The management of NEWS has dedicated in the mission of creating, in the desert of our educational arena, one oasis of quality.
We would like to introduce a word about the objective of teaching at our school ,which makes it very different from other schools in and around the town of Nalgonda.The very purpose of mooting out the idea of establishing a school of this nature was to introduce a new system of teaching  that helps develop creative abilities in the young .We believe that a balance should be struck between the growing needs of the competitive world and safeguarding the cultural and the moral values of our tradition. We strive to make men of awareness, ideal citizens, and people of rational and objective thinking.”We just have to accept the fact that they are kids and they are learning how to live”.

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