• Strict regularity, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech & conduct, cleanliness of dress and personal, respectful behavior at all times expected of each pupil. Hence, indiscipline and objectionable   moral influence in and out of school will be entitled RUSTICATION.
  • All absences from schools must be acknowledged by the parent .If this absence is prolonged to more than six days without prior permission, the student’s name is liable to be STRUCK OFF THE ROLLS.
  • Students have to carry the school dairy every day and take note of the period wise H.Ws , and
  • Students should take care of their belongings which are to be marked by their names. The school does not hold any responsibility for the loss of articles.
  • Principal’s sanction is required.
  • To make a collection whatever the purpose be.
  • To participate in competitions conducted by other organizations.
  • To leave the school premises during the working hours.
  • For a parent to meet a pupil or a teacher during working hours.


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