Welcome to our school. Take a moment to browse and know more about our unique institution
  • News school introducing neo modren from education at Nalgonda. at Present more than 815 students on rolls from the nursery to class X. We have residential facilites for boys. The medium of insruction at news is english.
  • News makes best citizens/students of the future. We create environments that help your children create, discover, Invent and progress the human culture and Tradition.
  • News is not just other school but an institution that is developing skills, aptitudes as well as attitudes needed for a meaning for life and creates boundless joy of life.
  • At News we believe that all students are capable of learning and progressing. we also mean that education becomes actualles meaningfull when students are autonomous self learners with abilities to understand and acauire knowledge independently.
  • From the very beginning students of news have been exposed to activities designed a sense of responsibilty towards others incullate feelings of kind and compassion for all under privileged people news students help orphans and old age.
The Heart of NEWS
Giving the best education and by making best Students.
The Heart beat of NEWS
100% valnes, Respect, Discipline, Service, Hardworking.
The Education system at News has evolved to create confidence in their mind and heart to face any challanges in their life.
The basic aim of the News to go head in their future.
  • We minister to our students in major areas accademics, co-curriculars
  • News strives to meet the academic needs of students at all levels.
  • Many students are recognized for their out standing study.
Students are given opportunity to try new things and discover their hidden talent.
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